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The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

True...Jesus Is Back IN Sudan this is real. go to this its in Arabic and I am A Muslim and Jesus is the Savior today.I love all Humans, and I love that I am one of Them, the powers you see are just gleams of the true powers that we can't even imagine. consciousness is much more deep, and let us not talk about the power of god and what is god but, this massage is for all people and for The New World order and the masonic elite and all shadow governments who think they control it all and have it under their spell and continue to.."please look over the bad English "if any" focus on the message"

Hello people I am here to tell the News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ The Only And True Savior Of Humanity and  humans today.

first there are some misunderstandings i need to try and explain:

Creation 'simple view'- God created the universe haven and earth long long time ago and after them created the first humans Adam as His Firs…