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Taking a live is getting easier and popular - You Have No Right

hello and hi,
Look around you and see the amount of souls taken in a daily basis, do you think you have nothing to do with that - think again -there are much ways that a human can contribute to taken a life, and  i don't think i have to lay some down for you to understand that statement and it's really true. the news and the media Today if you looked at the news for example, you will notice that it's all a bout wars and conflicts and peace talk and conferences trying to fix ... "with genuine intentions and a lot with evil intentions" , many and many countries at wars and the number is never down, it just keep moving up. and with that lives lost by the ... "some times millions" and some with entire geographic areas been erased from the surface of earth, i am not talking about way back, because wars have been around for a long time, but in the last century the amount of lost lives have increased more and more than before the help of the ne…

Yesterday Day I Saw Tow Little Boys Playing With Silk Cars | Children View The World Better

Today is another day         Hello yesterday i was walking to work "i don't walk all the way" its the distance from where the transportation vehicle drops me, I always buy something to eat at the work place, so caring the food its a bout a mile on foot, that's when i Saw Those Tow Little Boys I think they were a bout five and six years old and the were brothers. something like this picture.  they were playing with a cars made of wires and plastic bottles i don't know .. "what that part is called you will get the idea" the part that closes the bottles making it as wheels, and with a rope to holed in their hands dragging and moving the cars, they were also colored "the cars not the boys" yellow and red .. blue and red. its nothing impressive right but its all a mater of perspective and a way of viewing life and living life and how you receive it are you limited, closed, controlled, used, and programed with bad everything, have dark energy, cant…