Taking a live is getting easier and popular - You Have No Right


Taking a live is getting easier and popular - You Have No Right

hello and hi,

Look around you and see the amount of souls taken in a daily basis, do you think you have nothing to do with that - think again -there are much ways that a human can contribute to taken a life, and i don't think i have to lay some down for you to understand that statement and it's really true.

the news and the media

Today if you looked at the news for example, you will notice that it's all a bout wars and conflicts and peace talk and conferences trying to fix ... "with genuine intentions and a lot with evil intentions" , many and many countries at wars and the number is never down, it just keep moving up. and with that lives lost by the ... "some times millions" and some with entire geographic areas been erased from the surface of earth, i am not talking about way back, because wars have been around for a long time, but in the last century the amount of lost lives have increased more and more than before the help of the newly discovered technologies and war weapons and with governments having more reasons and goals to get out of the wars.

and much more behind their shown public reasoning, hidden agendas and reasons, governments - if the idea it self have to be - are suppose to have consciousness and awareness enough to help the nations grow and reach better life standards for their people and for others if they can, humans are essentially the same, but with different perception and views, and we are heavily polluted and manipulated by various parties to never understand the reality. and we truly can't even if we came together to figure it out, we won't get enough it's so deep and multi level and only gods and chosen ones can know it, but in same time we can move to a higher levels and that is by acquiring knowledge and wisdom and that doesn't come by accident, it needs spacial focus and attention, and learning is the fundamental way that's why all religions prompt and press on reading and acquiring knowledge.

a respond to an article talking about Sudan and terrorism

hi everyone, please read this .

**I am from Sudan I live there, first i say thank you Dr for your generosity and taking the burden to help us and other and for writing this, trying to fix the world. thanks for all the with and against comments, and to who understand how complicated and simple things are today. it's obvious the misjudging and mislead minds.**

I really can say a lot to you, but **the a mount of ignorance and misunderstanding and oblivion is so high in humans today**, they have forgotten their essence and true purpose, and all reach a certain point and stop, whether it is in... or...., "it doesn't really mater in witch aspect of life the point is but it holds all you can think of". no Islam nor Christianity or Judaism - Buddhism - atheism - other religious or way of life, is in the right form, "and no i am not offering a new one" **but people should know that there is deep misunderstanding and stepping over various crucial facts and truths some are cased by pure ignorance and others by deliberate high level deception and manipulation and exploitation all in favor of a damaged and exiled punished existence**, that's lead the different Epochs and ages that humans came through with all known and unknown events and Proceedings, and lead us to talk a bout History and the purpose behind it all, but remember **History often is written by the wiener** or by the most powerful at the time and

they are not always the right ones to do it, please think about that. and that lead us to the world of today ...ahhh... it gives me .... in my stomach when i think a bout the current status of the world but i know it's all part of god's will, and the it will some day all come to as one and fulfill ... , **and about god i say we are all believe in the same god I know that, but as i said above there are different ... who tried and keep trying to remove and strip us from that coming together and keep us way off the true understating, always working hard to dismount and tear humanity up**, and unfortunately unlike them, humans "normal ones" have lack a lot but we are in fact more powerful than we think, **"what do you think Neo in the matrix is"** yes when we grow in our perception of life our world will change, and that is happening slowly right now it will finish with the finishing of the parasite.

it's funny **how in the comment someone mentioned the word parasite, but i urge you rethink your definition of the parasite and look again, be careful from where you do receive your info** witch later convert to spoken words witch convert to a view and the longer you hold it it convert to being part of your personality and.... it becomes a belief you

hold dear to your heart no mater how wrong or far off it is, and it is hard to reach the level when you can judge with pure righteousness because no matter what we acquire and learn we will still be limited. that is why there is a judgement day in all religions, and who will judge us is is another subject and a hole and misunderstood concept.

**so widen your view of reality by the knowledge and and learning, and that's why all major religions give learning and reading and using the five senses to acquire wisdom of life**, and it is fortunate that **we can rethink and reconsider or get shaken off by some times easy and simple things** and it's different from one of us to another, like some of us may get to rethink a particular attitude when simply walking by something or watching an event ... tow dogs fighting, a mother laughing with her child ... **watching a falling leaf** seeing a beautiful something ... remembering ... or our

understanding of the blessings that we hold from ones health to having a warm bed to sleep on, that's why in all religions it is shown that if we would count the blessings a one can have we would not limit it to a number, i can say observation is a key.

**killing a living soul in general is absolutely wrong that doesn't mean god is never talks a bout killing or taking a life, no god talks a bout that and gives clear instructions on when and how and most importantly who have the right to take a life**, and i can say with convinced and contented mind **there are none of that is followed not by Muslims nor

Christians or other** because we are living in the era of ... **and some humans still contribute to the evil plans and have been heavily programed and brainwashed in many aspects of life and and it have been around for long but today it has the most influential affects on what is going around us in the form of wars and conflicts and ... **, but it will all comes down to god to deal with humans whom he created them in his image a gain think about that.

ahhh I am going to finish by saying to website editor **"please don't pan this comment nor alter it let it be or alter a pit" and to whom who read this i know you may think that i have no right to be like that, and you may be right i always consider other opinions, but i will say that I am one of the few people in the world today who believe that **JESUS IS IN FACT IS Back AND BORN AGAIN IN SUDAN his name is Suleiman and he is the only savior of humanity today** from the devil formed as 666 and dajal and still people doesn't believe that "as always" through time, and today we are in the

he is back jesus

The D perspectives of eyes or minds

best and worst and it's asking and waiting for a higher power to intervene and that what is going to happen.

**please read this and if you are Christian see the image of you may know him. Muslims are far off about Jesus at least you believe he will be born again... as the son of a human...

[The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming]

{The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming}

and god bless you.**

go to this The NEWs of the return of Jesus in sudan and

yesterday-day-i-saw-tow-littel-boys playing - children view the world better

just see his image, yes The Satan world and elite are real and they control the globe "think" and have being trying to reach this time, but ...Jesus Is Back IN Sudan go to the site its in Arabic and I am A Muslim and Jesus is the Savior today.

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Jesus The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

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The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

Jesus The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

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