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Yesterday Day I Saw Tow Little Boys Playing With Silk Cars  Children View The World Better

as they say children are only ruined by adults,,,

Today is another day

Hello yesterday i was walking to work "i don't walk all the way" its the distance from where the transportation vehicle drops me, I always buy something to eat at the work place, so caring the food its a bout a mile on foot, that's when i Saw Those Tow Little Boys I think they were a bout five and six years old and the were brothers. something like this picture.

simple life

no one hates that they influence them badly 

islam is the way
Jesus in the second coming

Jesus today and then above so it is up to you if you believe or not...

share the news someone else may know better

they were playing with a cars made of wires and plastic bottles i don't know .. "what that part is called you will get the idea" the part that closes the bottles making it as wheels, and with a rope to holed in their hands dragging and moving the cars, they were also colored "the cars not the boys" yellow and red .. blue and red. its nothing impressive right but its all a mater of perspective and a way of viewing life and living life and how you receive it.

are you limited, closed, controlled, used, and programed with bad of everything, have dark energy, cant find peace, or you know better and life is simply more so you practice the opposite like participating and sharing and caring and giving plus always butting love first "don't think of the love that the media and who control it broadcast to the world and don't you mistake those attitudes and kindness for weakness" appreciation and valuing and acknowledging and acceptance in life and having an open eye open mind facing life.

The different blockages and blindness's

so everyone would see a different image according to his many thoughts and things, from experiences and life lessons and the hard childhood drama and his interests in life to simply having a headache at that moment "passing by the children playing" just wanting to reach the place to hide from the direct sun and have a bandol extra and rest for a while hoping the headache would go a way, or simply making a call or using it other way or having a memory " or anything" blocking him from even seeing them.

not that this is the only image that he should see or something but because its simply there in that time, and even when someone is living such image what will he think and take out of it and how it may affect his view or day is another story, very often you hear a person says something made my day or someone like a view or a talk or really any thing can do that from someone saying hello "a genuine hello with a smile that's why our prophet ergs people and say doing that will move you high and up in god's eye - not that god has an eye ...but he does" so hello from a stranger with a smile, and more a lovely gesture and action as simply holding a door for... or serving something... to finding something or some car in crowded road let him pass first or in a cafe or buying queue or learning something new, that's enough you get the point.

ooh just one more concerning the yin and yan the male and female like seeing a beautiful girl or talking or interacting or getting attracted and trying to initiate a relationship "I understand that this point has a lot of problems cause the world for the past ... really long time, is being baddly programed or pointed and brainwashed in that specific subject messing humans minds causing unbelievable damage to societies and nations causing them to hurt one another in the way, and S concept is one of the most powerful motives exploited and used in the world, and until today people failed to recognize the true enemy of humanity they just keep following the brilliant structure that keeps them as they are limited exploited molested down looked even slaved and used in variety of heinous crimes so the world reality and true purpose of life is messed up badly and it requires an intervene from... to fix it, that's what is going to happen.

Always look for the truth

so stop contributing to the evil intention and perception of life and know that all human beans are the equal in their essence all have similar to some degree sometimes 100% similar like loved ones and other valuable things, they wants the same things to live a beautiful reach life in the way that our one god who is same in Christianity and Islam and Judaism and other believes its only misunderstanding and even pure intentionally messed up and damaged believes they did spread tough and tough and passed throw generations please read this i try to .. i try resolve some issues and point out other facts, but the really old snake and the parasite does not want god to have his way and remember we are in the image of god we have the a ability to create a wonderful life, and have a lot of purposely hidden super powers and history is always gets written by the winners.
people started to realize that this is not working and its not the answer they started to know that along time ago but the majority still trapped in the cycle and some even still follow it, and with trump and his hateful attitude and view, and the direction the world is going into it's hard and not helping but it's really sad to see wasted energy as result of the lies and deceptions of the parasite from world wars to 9 -11 how many souls was wasted all in favor of it's big plan witch is really difficult in comprehension for us to grasp its depth -included- that's why gods sent his pure soul today "it's going to be rainy watch out". so for the time being stop and relearn and empty your cup, and for god sake don't send your child to wars all wars today motives are ignorance many have good intentions but having a good intention is not enough. so just stop the hate waves yes it's all just energy and frequencies, learn start today.

finishing up and it's far from finishing when its time the world will know, going back to the tow little boys, they were really pure and with a lot of potentials in their future with a beautiful relationship between brothers, but they will be brought up by parents having unknown perspectives and opinions of life that will affect them in many ways, and their society will have it's influence on them and ohh the big media will do most of the tricky stuff, humans are always hunted by evil. and so i finish by saying that the last prophet says "and it's really gods words because prophets don't just say stuff", so he said every one will be born with right and simple and clear mind he used the word instinct thus his parents and .... will .... ; that's include many many perceptions parties.

Don't be like that and don't easily judge

a person can know so much and have experiences in many many fields from low levels "physical" to high levels spiritual and energy frequencies and meta physical and beyond universe laws , but still ignore some and never has the time to know others or never in his life time confronted with others or not having the DNA necessary to receive another, humans always and will always have revolutions "not as Darwin said, but consciously and may..." until that day the knowing process will stop and the true wisdom of the universe stops coming down, but until that day we should and required to learn and learn and learn because there are so much more that we can learn and no mater where is our level of knowledge witch is a pit different than Wisdom and life embracing no mater what our simple nature can live by; we still far behind, no matter how much we drink we are thirsty and that's a good thing.

so we will stop a lot of bad assumptions and rushing the fixes, just listen and listen to the world and pray for settle guidelines and the compass of the greater good, and i really believe that we are chained and limited deluded today and have been for along time by the ... of this world and our ignorance, but we all are coming out and the ability to share and spread the good emotions and having compassion better awareness the kingdom within, and communicate and interact with other humans and cultures and thanks to the internet it's the one of the most valuable tools gods provided for us today so thank you "yes you can thank every thing even the rocks", the next thing to happen is to move the internet to reality witch will make the real difference and kill it 'i hope you know it" slowly until the final round witch is reserved for a special one.?

God bless

News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ The Only And True Savior Of Humanity today

this link is Jesus Is Back born again by the name of Salomon and every one has his jesus image witch is 98% the media's version so they will reject and even go onto wars against him since 1981 publicly calling;
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Yesterday Day I Saw Tow Little Boys Playing With Silk Cars | Children View The World Better
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