Pregnant People, The deception and inception continues | Jesus Is Back Born Again

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Pregnant People term forced, the elite work, The deception and inception continues | J Is Back Born Again

   this is the man who claims to be Jesus for long

when jesus is back you don't know
                                he says THIS, Jesus now and then NO EDIT

 read and try to understand the events

So now it's official You Must "now it should but soon will be MUST" Use The Term "Pregnant People x y", the news is here  Call expectant mothers 'pregnant people', the Government suggests and should not use other terms like the obvious ones.

This is really powerful it may be funny to some people and not a big deal to others and to most it's absurd, since it's still a new concept The One who control the ride wishes to implement in his play ground as a new rule, and believe that people through out time have been brainwashed a lot "at some aspects to the point they have forgotten ...", it's hard to "even try" to explain sometimes, unlearning is needed before, and the depth of the evil is so deep that a higher power is indeed needed to wake the sleeping beauty up "humanity".

we may fail to deliver the massage correctly in English version but the massage is still true and clear.

English is not our first languages so focus on the main massage.

a lot of people may
not know the news, or read this and a lot will stop and leave but in the end we just need to spread the word if one person from the thousands who have been reached, just took the time research this,
"it's hard for the main proves are in holy books some in Arabic" then it worth it if not it is still worth it we are giving it all to god. and yes this is a conspiracy post intended to spread the fake news of his return, now read on and try to understand, or you may go and watch bbt, Simon or read that actor sex scandal. 

just know we are trying to go with the flow here, and we know he is solid, and the picture above we made using GIMP a free source designing Software, when we found this old photo on google with the title "best Jesus likeness" we used one of the photos we have for him and but them together, as simple as that no extra editing no single edit done to the photo to the right "old google likeness" or the left "present day", and if only a facial recognition software would run on it, but again people will also simply dismiss the software then, just like when people here ask about a DNA test, note the "we" written a lot can hold to meanings here the people how believe HIM and the one writing this.

Pregnant People and satanic agenda

Why do you underestimate the Antichrist, the beast

of course by now 2018 satan is gone, the word have become meaningless and the concept is laughable by most, and out of comprehension or far far a way from them and can't of a single thing that satan is involved, unless may be Kris angel magic, and religious people may still see it but the influence of the beast or 666 have erased a lot, and Satan is always present, and of course in many forms a person is one of them and culture follow him is a sure thing.

and thus Pregnant People hidden agenda, Pregnant People is a satanic concept and a program to run on humans, Pregnant People term and bi sex and transgender, the term Pregnant People today it is a suggestion but soon they will teach kids all about these satanic programs at early age, the education of children has been taken over by 666 so don't expect them to be other than 666 followers by default, it is not up to them, the elders "the parents the society" were too busy also by the designed deception that 666 has put for them.

yes 666 is very old it exists from way back but will be killed soon, and today 666 is at his best and final, ... please know that it is far beyond the term
Pregnant People or one thing -we hope you get that, but we know you are or most are so damaged to see the truths, and united states of America is the most damaged country globally, although they think high of them selves but no they are puppets in a big show, and are turning the world into puppets.USA is more than controlled and all are blindly invested  in his plans and major influence rs are, what you see in CNN and others is fake or ignorance, when you hear Trump talking a bout terrorism it is Gold and the world cries with him, a lot of the USA presents are pure puppets and some are ignorance, and when we say puppets it "the idea of a puppet" can hold multiple levels,one of them "please take notes" Is total Control via various CLONING approaches, we will say it again puppets via CLONING.

 if you don't no a thing about cloning Please just STOP AND GO to do something may be research it may lead you to discover a lot but again "conspiracy the idea that all people hide behind it", Now please note we are not trying to be dramatic and if want to we could we may be are trying to talk to the world in a different way than last years, and if you think "these guys is is watching too may conspiracy stuffs".

this it is not a conspiracy but it is actually is! you see this conspiracy have been flattened and directly showed way back for humans sines day one, you say how? you see when god created Adam and ... there was more creations before them, one of those creations is Satan "the great devil" and he was not originally a damaged one but with creation of Adam the first, Satan simply became doomed and the "expulsion cause of all who follow him" and banished and with great shame from where all creation was, note* that this point is too deep there is no falling and up and downs, above and below it is all misunderstanding.

he is the only creation of god that is banished and had the blessing from god and has been granted HELL not other form of creation did that, and he accepted his fate, all of that is well said in all major ... but people fail to recognize a lot, now the main thing is that ADAM was the one responsible for  all "ass Satan saw it", in the end he refused a direct order from GOD the almighty "this is the one who Jesus refers to as the father".

yet people still mix things up, just like when god says throw his messengers "the kingdom of god is within man" and "the things i do you can do more" but people are more aware today "in some ways", and that is obvious, just look at how many are aware chi presence and some of it apps and a lot are still calling for scientific evidence "they like that word too much it blocks them".

so back to the point of SATAN and ADAM being the cause of each other misery, SATAN clearly STATED that he will do what ever necessary to bring ADAM and his kind WITH HIM To god banishment and removal out of god is first intended for creation to be in. 

with that been said you know what follow "the story of the APPLE tree" and to this day SATAN is heavily invested in that first declaration to god and Adam that that he will make it his life purpose to bring us with him, and that was way too back we don't like to put history times, because history witch written by the one who has the most control tends to be what people will believe, even us, may be the truth is out there is this particular aspect, but in the end we do not know it all "the writer speaking here", but the main massage is true.
USA is the experimentation place where 666 has started and perfected his ways so they will never see or may be,
but in there you find good things like spiritual movements and all kind and even TED talks.                  

back to the news, many of the news papers spoke a bout this claim and our Government is fully aware and debated him, by the way the country is SUDAN, yes the one with many problems you may know "Darfur". many will or may lough saying "what Sudan" but believe that if there is ever A return for JESUS it won't be from heaven nor America, and won't be accepted by all, and he will not come out from USA or RUSSIA or UK. 

666 and with the help of a lot of  things the media is a big factor Hollywood, just think about Pregnant People in Hollywood it will not take much to be downloaded to the world minds, the world has fallen under 666 control, except the one last place Sudan from where Jesus will  rise against the parasite that robbed the humans of a lot throughout history, and please know that the people are not the enemy Satan is, it is the enlightened ones "they think so" or masonic and devil worshipers.   

Stopping to say, the main massage is - this is 666 era and time and Jesus has return, and when will he start action is up to him not us nor you, plus periods of calling are given as always.

At the end of this "crazy" post as some or a lot will call it there will be a link to a post so do your self  a ... and read it who knows it may be intended for you, and extraordinary you may be one of the souls god have protected from 666 and reserved for what we are telling people and he him self has been telling for decades.

 "We know it's long; but that is how god always do it - giving people time to come to the right side" ,about J you understand what is  J and this is true we don't need to lie and for the record our communities have the same thought you have right now "what the hell those morons have got them selves into or a nicer/harder version it depends , just .... the link. as for the title "pregnant people" google it or wait a few years "if there is ever more few years to come" Then it will come by your country.

he is back in sudan suliman المسيح المهدي
                          one of the news papers that spoke

 back to the concept of brainwashing

There are so many similar rules have been pushed on people, and a lot of times cleverly delivered to the human beings and you should know ultimately who is doing the great deception, through his right hands who are not so much unseen like him, and it's stupid for us to point out some of what have been pushed on humans through out time.
"older creatures or souls or people will know" so we are not going to specify. especially we know that people have been severely damaged mentally that it's off the chart and we know it's hard to overcome the addictions of the life that have been beautifully designed today by 666, so much that it's the best to... and OK to... a lot ...and good to others and... and ... and.

to many they know there is a bigger picture but what and where and when and how they don't know so they wait for something extraordinary to happen on this earth and those are the ones how have knowledge of Global Consciousness, oneness and other.

and what is this reality we live in, and those are in a large scale with different level of knowledge and as terms like "high awareness, subconscious, self control, healing with alts, and even magic, human powers/abilities, mindfulness,
Kundalini, Riki, and general awakening is happening with much more we really mean it when we say much more the metaphysical and the sacred geometry and energy and the soul.

those can take a lifetime to understand 1% of them" some of these concepts heavily used in last century almost every human is contributing on this in someway now days thank you internet u have enabled us to do great things quick question what do you think about cold war or Vietnam or iraq or even 9/11 or rife's, Tesla's work ? do you think there is some other faces to..., OK this is enough last word Ignorance Is by Far The Ultimate  Enemy of The Human.
.. So Learn, before it is too late.

The link and it's OK not to read it just live your live...
News Of The Return  The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming .

we know you may think this at least "a cult or something like ISIS, or pure craziness but no it's true and one day even ISIS will Pow to this be sure of it" so everyone should know, you must know, and lastly it's up to you until that day comes then it won't ...

as the wise one said

“I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.” and adding, and after life the soul is still affected and the
etheric version of humans will be.
                                      the end, god bless.

Some one may ask what do you want us to do or so what if he is back? and that my Friend is a fantastic question but for now stay put.

Good question on Qoura about the second coming
English is not our first languages 3rd.
a blog is a good place for info but not all
this website is for link..
fixing the world is a designer job "god"
thanks to social platforms we can share the news of the return
the fallen of the materials and the rise of the spirit is a fact this way of living is no longer...

سلسلة منشورات المسيح المهدي المحمدي سليمان ابو القاسم موسى

Pregnant People they say and people will believe and help them implement their wicked goals they often help not knowing, and The deception and inception continues .

الكاتب أحد أنصار المسيح المهدي سليمان
السلام عليكم بلاغ وليُعلم الحاضر والغائب/ ظهر المسيح في الميلاد الآخر, نعلم أن ما ندعوا إليه وهو الإيمان والتصديق بمبعث المسيح عيسى بن مريم سودانياً بكل معاني الكلمة, ظهور المهدي المنتظر هو ذو السويقتين هو المسيح, نعلم أن هذا الأمر يصعب تصديقه للكثير وجزء هام عدم تصديق علماءكم إعراضاً, المُعاصرين لأحداث العالم اليوم وظنكم خيراً بهم, والخطأ في أن سلمتم لهم أمر دينكم لدرجة كبيرة, وبكل تأكيد علماء اليوم يعلمون تمام العلم بأمر سليمان أبو القاسم وقد ناظر عدد كبير محلياً وخاطبهم عالمياً ولكنه الإعراض وحب الأنفس , وما كان منهم إلا ما ذكره رسول الله من علماء آخر الزمان واتباع السلطان, ونُكرر كثرة المدعين للمهدية ليس مناصاً, ومع العلم أن أتباعهم في الفكر ضلوا والؤمن فتاش على دينه فلا حُجة عند الله لأحد ومن أعرض فلنفسه والله وكيل بأمره, وليذكُر الناس أن شعار أصحابه أمِت أمِت أمِت ويقتل حتى يرضى الله .

‏ المسيح في الميلاد الآخر - راد الدجالThe Second Coming‏
 المسيح المهدي ذو لسويقتين

الكاتب أحد أنصار المسيح عيسى بن مريم
وليس شخص صاحب الدعوة, بلاغ لكل الناس/ ظهر المسيح المهدي, وهذه المقالات لا تمثل الدعوة وكاتبها ليس المسيح للإطلاع على المدونة Sitemap خريطة الموقع كاملة إقرأ وللإطلاع على منشورات المسيح الموقع الرسمي للمسيح.