The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

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 The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

True...Jesus Is Back IN Sudan this is real. go to this its in Arabic and we are A Muslim and Jesus is the Savior today.

love to all Humans, and love that I am one of Them "god higher creation form'', the powers you see are just ... of the true powers that we can't even imagine. consciousness is much more deep, and let us not talk about the power of god and what is god but, this massage is for all and for The New World order and the masonic elite and all shadow governments who think they control it all and have it under their spell and continue to.."please look over the bad English "if any" focus on the message" it may seem crazy but it is true and over the next years you will live to see it happen if you are to be.

 Hello people we are here to tell the News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ The Only And True Savior Of Humanity and  humans today.

first there are some misunderstandings i need to try and explain:

Creation ' not necessary true view'

-  have been created "the universe haven and earth" and it it starts the journey of consciousness long long time ago "sound", and after god created the first humans Adam as His First Successor and then eve, who were no match to us in so many levels the easiest is consciousness connection to god every thing around us they were much much higher than the human today,
through out time the consciousness drops little by little and today meaning last ... years it has been in the lowest levels, and since every thing does cycle so the consciousness is Inevitable to rise again that because the essence of
Creation is Simply To Know God, and the cycle is resetting and we are going into higher consciousness so we can truly know god and truly follow his words and fulfill the true purpose of life and creation.

- So after Adam and for god to make sure humans have direct road to him "knowing him", god sent many successors after Adam with different words and massages but surely with no contradictions because they are from the same source, and the delivering of process has many supernatural ways to be presented to humans, they have been called by many names and prophets is one of them to list some of their names to connect the dots and they are the same in all major religions 'it's funny or stupid how people keep ignoring the similarities in life'   : Idris (Enoch) and Noah and
Hood ... Ibrahim ..Ya coup .. Joseph ... Zechariah ... the last tow of them are the important here Jesus the MESSIAH and Mohamed the last
prophet. peace be upon them all.

although of The consistence and obvious flow of god's will, humans never settle easy for the different prophets at whatever point of time that's is also within god's will and our personal will's is also within. so we can see the world around us and the miss understanding is everywhere.

- Jesus was special and has uniqueness and all prophets did but Jesus was the most.

That's Because Of The Different Nurture or Source Of His Creation witch is not present in any other prophet and the Way he was conceived and Delivered and presented to the world. So Jesus is directly from the soul of god the mighty  spirit, and this understanding is essentially and the same in all major religions.

 but Christianity

took it a step farther by believing that Jesus is the mighty God the ultimate God Influenced by different things from his actions to his words witch have lead to that believe "but by now they should now better if not by the time experiences then by the people who replicate or do more than Jesus in that period like criss angle we know those are odd words what we say "   - and i will get back to this point later. So after,
happened what always happens people rejected Jesus the  majority of them "don't be fooled by big number today" at that time witch lead to his crucifixion or as many of Christians think and believe happened and all the driven believes such as he died taken as a lame and savior for them with different versions of this. missing out the true source from witch Jesus is. 

so what next

truth is clear in Islam with the last prophet Mohamed and in its holy Quran: saying that
 when the people was conspiring and holding and willing to crucify Jesus god spoke to him and said : i will take you away and bull you to me meaning taking his soul and Jesus source is pure soul not flesh like Adam
and us. "to this day most Muslims believe about Jesus are mostly like being in heaven with his human body and had been taken with it and all what follows that, those beliefs are wrong and so are other parties and theories to some degree" If people would understand just this point a lot of major problems would disappears. so Jesus died before the Crucifixion and in Quran god said:
that the person who was crucified was a like for him and was not the true one.

- So now Comes Mohamed the last prophet we know that every prophet says a lot and have his own book "if needed" in witch he will lay out the most current and future concerns to him and his people and others and any need to know future events, all of that
with the help of mighty God so even Jesus pointed that there is one more prophet to come and stated a lot a bout him but people always listen  to and follow what they see and think as truth and parts of the truth and not always submit to the reality or the real truth.

Islam is born

So Islam came to existence - or that what people think but Islam is much more deeper than that thus the word Islam meaning total listening with all of the senses or total submission "with the will present" to God. witch comes from knowing process and careful consideration not blind following and shallow believe, and Islam has much more deeper  comprehensible meaning leads to the creator. who says that he created the humans in his image just think about
these last lines and you will .... a lot.

and as always no contradiction between all of this its just the misunderstanding of it through time. witch lead to current status of the world.

So now you should know that we all have much more in common than most f us may think and and as humans and humanity we are all have similarities to the point of typical in some aspects, all live to thrive and use our simple understanding to figure out life and the
purpose of our existences, be careful because in all what i just told you lays the ultimate resort in witch you will be - last resort heaven or hell. so
people need to use every bit of resources they have to put themselves where they want this include all humans with their diversity and differences in all things and points and cultures and backgrounds.

verses and words

  so going back to point a bout Christianity beliefs and the stated verses and words and phrases in the holy bible that raise Jesus high in the seat of the mighty God not just the actions "that's because every prophet had a unprecedented actions" that gives him the upper hand as a sign of truth although many of the people use it as to discredit them as stated in heavenly books.

so its not the actions because it can and may be duplicated or done with something bigger in point of view. and I will skip this point - it will confuse more than help- so the words witch are spoken are more important and the claims are the thing to talk a bout here so yes Jesus there are many verses and
sayings in the different versions of the bible that convey and bear and lead to with
settle the divinity to Jesus is the mighty God or at the same level, and at the same time there
is verses and sayings that say that Jesus is a prophet and a messenger of another source to deliver his wisdom. so those different claims are present for the same Jesus.

and So to put those point to rest, both of them are true in essence but there are some wrong points - not wrong whoever need more to explain and difficult to do -  one of
them is timing. and the fact that Jesus is pure soul from god.

in timing point i will say with both point a above being true in essence  the first wasn't his to directly claim that he is god although Jesus may have directly stated that. that's why in Quran there a verse mighty god saying to
Jesus: did you say to the people take me and my mother as gods without Allah.
in which he replays by saying: oh mighty i can't say what is not rightfully mine - and added- if I said it you already know you know what is in my heart
and i don't know....

وَإِذْ قَالَ اللَّهُ يَا عِيسَى ابْنَ مَرْيَمَ أَأَنتَ
قُلْتَ لِلنَّاسِ اتَّخِذُونِي وَأُمِّيَ إِلَٰهَيْنِ مِن دُونِ اللَّهِ ۖ
قَالَ سُبْحَانَكَ مَا يَكُونُ لِي أَنْ أَقُولَ مَا لَيْسَ لِي بِحَقٍّ ۚ إِن
كُنتُ قُلْتُهُ فَقَدْ عَلِمْتَهُ ۚ تَعْلَمُ مَا فِي نَفْسِي وَلَا"

so its similar to above points of claims and the first is denounced with Jesus opening the doer for him saying some thing without being a ware of it. and Mohamed saying in hdeeth to believe nor discredit the holy bible.

So to conclude the timing point the claim for Jesus to be God was
immature and at the the wrong time and space time and not his place or right soul but that's the thing that needed to happen to contribute to the big picture and architectural plan of god .

and the second point contribute to the timing point.

the fact of the different Source

So the source of Jesus is different than all humans and he is just like Adam has no prior in the universe. but from the pure soul of mighty god and the
souls are always growing and expanding and always seeking more of the source that's why Jesus is more special even than Mohamed and I am a Muslim saying
that. and it dose not end here but.

so to conclude this article i will say that one of common grounds between religions special Christianity an Islam is The Second Return Of Jesus with differences from misunderstanding to the books not the truth. and all other Dogmas has similar and nearly typical believes about a savior how comes in last
days to put all conflict and struggle and controversy to rest and rule the human and leading them to thrive and flourish with missing the wrath and punishment and justice from ever needed- and there is more to this point but not now.

So the last thing i will say that Jesus Has in fact born again and came back to humanity with the name of Suleiman and he is the true and only savior today and he is in Sudan and from there will land on all places but all in its
المهدي-Jesus Today - Secon Coming

He is calling since the year of 1981 and still telling all people a bout
his nature and sending his messages to the governments and rulers of the today from Saddam to Gazafiy and telling the all kink of and every Embassy to deliver
his message, so .. to learn more go to these website it's in Arabic it require more work
form you. the site or visit the blog.

هو سليمان أبو القاسم موسى المسيح المهدي بالسودان في ميلاده الثاني مهديا إماما عدلا هو الدابة المكلمة للناس والشمس الخارجة من المغرب وذو القرنين والقحطاني واليماني وذو السويقتين هادم الكعبة وهو المخلص المنتظر عند كل الديانات والمعتقدات والبشر.

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The News Of The Return Of Jesus Christ | The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

   Jesus The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming


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