Jesus return People are waiting and ignore | truly Jesus is back

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People are waiting for his return however he is calling for 36 years more | truly Jesus is here and present

you decide..

People in general are good that is a fact, so what does it mean and why say that, it's really hard to catch what we want to say some times and the thoughts are a lot every word opens a ... but if you took random people from different backgrounds and cultures and beliefs and put them together in small community at first there might be problems and conflicts ... but at some point they will understand that they are all the same although they have been conditioned to know other than that...
he is really back

                             Jesus to day and back then 

This is not a joke nor someone looks like him or a clone or any thing you might think to lough of this matter, this is Jesus. it might sound crazy but it is real ... you now know that he is really back... your move...

you are what you belief

because humans brain observe and absorb and take or effected with everything that it can be sensed or even visualized and then conceptualize the reality according to the beliefs systems that they hold dear to their hearts some are willing to die and kill.

messy world need intervention

the world today is messed up to the point it needs a higher bower to take over because the one that is cover or name it self as the only power over it and has the most of it's bless... but its short sighted and will never fulfill it's horrible intentions ... of course i am talking a bout Satan and his followers, but people don't realize or underestimate the truth that he "the  devil" will never show in his real image and will always work through humans because the real Satan is in another dimension and people have no direct contact with him, and they may know that and they do they have read it in different forms whether its Quran or bible or torah or indirectly in many forms.

it is time

some may say they aren't waiting and they are simply far of because every living soul and every thing in the world is and the universe are simply have to fulfill gods promise through him. and with the majority have no real idea of how will him return and other with wrong believes, they will not except him when he starts moving in a pig scale "to day he is moving in small scale" that's why when the time comes he will not go easy on people world wide " again we know we are talking crazy things but the main massage it is true" and all everyone know there will be a big war called Armageddon is inevitable to happen and have been known and shown in any reliable reference and it's really here.

but they say it's far far far into the future we still okay it will come in times "and those are just the most obvious statuses" like times of great wars are happening and global starvation and hunger "kinda like the hunger games movie -look again-, the mind is easily programed once you know how brainwashing is a trajectory and yet people think they are OK and will go to haven witch they have a wrong idea about or of!.

"the majority of people are beaten a lot of bad or really bad things is on, and death is every where it's just dark times and we will not witness it, and the irony that since the first time that word or fact or concept of the great Armageddon and the light winning it have been so long at least many thousand of years so don't be surprised if it is coming now "in your lifetime" try to be in the right side because every person and every living form is touched by this one but humans are the only living form that have a mind built for them to know better and have the its functions and most importantly choice and decisions, witch will the end put them in the place they deserve, remember god is never injustice so we say it for the thousand time Jesus is back born a gain in Sudan by the name of Salomon.

being good is not enough

one last thing: as we said and say always people in general are good if their surroundings didn't push them to be other wise............... but the hard and unknown or put down and underestimated truth that it's never enough in god's standards and laws.
in the end everyone is free to to hold any belief until...
before it is too late... do what you can

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سلسلة منشورات المسيح المهدي المحمدي
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Jesus The Savior Is Back In Sudan - The Second Coming

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الكاتب أحد أنصار المسيح المهدي سليمان
السلام عليكم بلاغ وليُعلم الحاضر والغائب/ ظهر المسيح في الميلاد الآخر, نعلم أن ما ندعوا إليه وهو الإيمان والتصديق بمبعث المسيح عيسى بن مريم سودانياً بكل معاني الكلمة, ظهور المهدي المنتظر هو ذو السويقتين هو المسيح, نعلم أن هذا الأمر يصعب تصديقه للكثير وجزء هام عدم تصديق علماءكم إعراضاً, المُعاصرين لأحداث العالم اليوم وظنكم خيراً بهم, والخطأ في أن سلمتم لهم أمر دينكم لدرجة كبيرة, وبكل تأكيد علماء اليوم يعلمون تمام العلم بأمر سليمان أبو القاسم وقد ناظر عدد كبير محلياً وخاطبهم عالمياً ولكنه الإعراض وحب الأنفس , وما كان منهم إلا ما ذكره رسول الله من علماء آخر الزمان واتباع السلطان, ونُكرر كثرة المدعين للمهدية ليس مناصاً, ومع العلم أن أتباعهم في الفكر ضلوا والؤمن فتاش على دينه فلا حُجة عند الله لأحد ومن أعرض فلنفسه والله وكيل بأمره, وليذكُر الناس أن شعار أصحابه أمِت أمِت أمِت ويقتل حتى يرضى الله .

‏ المسيح في الميلاد الآخر - راد الدجالThe Second Coming‏
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الكاتب أحد أنصار المسيح عيسى بن مريم
وليس شخص صاحب الدعوة, بلاغ لكل الناس/ ظهر المسيح المهدي, وهذه المقالات لا تمثل الدعوة وكاتبها ليس المسيح للإطلاع على المدونة Sitemap خريطة الموقع كاملة إقرأ وللإطلاع على منشورات المسيح الموقع الرسمي للمسيح.